Truffles are an expensive food delicacy used in the very best French pates. They look like large spongy walnuts and grown in the ground. Because they like to eat them, pigs are often used to find truffles.

*what is the difference between rabbits and hares? The hare is often mistaken for its cousin, the rabbit, yet it is very different. Hares are larger with long legs; they do not live underground like rabbits and are immune to the disease myxomatosis that kills many rabbits.

*what are baby hares called? They are called leverets and are born with a full coat of fur.

*what is a Tasmanian Devil? The fierce animal used to live in Australia, but is now found in Tasmania. About 1m (40in) long form nose to tail, it only comes out at night. It feeds on small animals, birds, lizards and even wallabies if it can catch them.

*what makes bread rise? Bread dough is made to rise by the reproduction of minute fungus cells of yeast. Add yeast to a sugar solution and it multiplies rapidly. When flour is kneaded with yeast, water and salt, the yeast generates bubbles of carbon dioxide and makes the dough rise, which retains its shape when baked in the hot oven.

*what was tulipmania? Although still one of the world’s favorite flowers, when it was introduced into Europe 400 years ago the tulip caused ‘tulipmania’ Rare bulbs were worth as much as a house particularly in Holland.


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