Christmas is Sweden begins on December 13, which is St Lucia’s day. Long ago the early Christians were persecuted and had to meet in dark underground caves. St Lucia risked her life to bring them food. On her head she wore a crown of candles to light her way. One day she was caught by the Rome Emperor’s soldiers and killed. Today she is remembered each Christmas by young Swedish Girls. They get up early on St Lucia’s day, dress as she did to take buns and coffee to their families – who are still in bed!

*What does word Advent mean?

Christians all over the world celebrate Advent during the four weeks before Christmas. Advent means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’, and people prepare for the coming of Christ on Christmas Eve.

*Facts interesting about Advent Calendar?

In Germany children look forward to opening the 24 numbered doors on this special calendar. Just one door us opened each day to find a small Christmas picture inside. The last one is opened on Christmas Eve.

*What hits a Pinata?

In Mexico all through the Christmas festival, children have great fun when they are blind-folded and hit a piñata with a stick. The hallow clay piñata jars are hung above the children’s heads. They hit them with sticks, and when at last the jar splits, sweets and treats spill all over the floor!

*Who are Julnissen?

In Scandinavian countries these are little elves that live under the floorboards and in barns. They look after the family and the animals. On Christmas Eve, if a bowl of porridge is left for these little fellows, they will come out and hide presents all round the house. If the porridge is forgotten the Julnissen will play tricks on the family all the next year!

*Who is Befana?

In Italy children wait for the good witch Befana. She rides over the rooftops astride her broomstick on Epiphany Eve or Twelfth Night. She drops gifts for the good children down the Chimney, and a piece of coal for the naughty ones!

*What is Epiphany?

This is Christian festival celebrated on January 6th, when the three kings arrived in Bethlehem to bring their gifts to the Christ child.

*Facts interesting about reindeer?

In America, England and many other countries, Father Christians or Santa Claus has become the symbol of Christmas for children. With his white beard and red cloak, carrying a sackful of presents over his shoulder, he travels from North Pole on his sleigh pulled by reindeer. On Christmas Eve he rides over the rooftops and climbs down the chimney with gifts for well behaved boys and girls.


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