These ancient games were part of a religious event, sacred to the God Zeus. They were held every four years on the plain Olympia, at the foot of the Mount Kronos in the Southern Greece.

Were the games held in special buildings?

On the site at Olympia was a great temple and altar to Zeus. Athletic events were held in the stadium, and races for horses and chariots took place in the Hippodrome. There was a wrestling ground by the river, a gymnasium and baths. Ruins of the site can still be seen today.

How many years did the ancient Olympics last?

The games lasted for almost 1200 years form 776 BC until AD 393, when the Christian emperor of Rome, Theodosius I, abolished them. He said the games were pagan!

Which five events make up the ancient pentathlon?

Running, jumping, discus, javelin and wrestling.

What happen to Olympia?

Most of the building collapsed during an earthquake 1000 years after they were built.

How did the ancient competitors dress?

They didn’t! Ancient athletes wore no clothes at all when they competed in the events.

Did the Grecian women break any record?

None at all! Women were barred form competing in the games. Young girls were allowed in as spectators, but wives could be put to death for watching or taking part. All competitors had to be male, of Greek descent and Greek speakers.

How did the marathon get its name?

Marathon was a town in the ancient Greece. In 490 BC a great battle was held there between the Greeks and the Persians. News of the Greek victory was taken 26 miles to Athens by a runner named Pheidippides, who fell dead from exhaustion as he entered the city. The Marathon commemorates his amazing run.


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